Experiential Learning in History: Initiatives, Case Studies and Reflections

Date / time: 25 July, 12:00 am

Workshop – 25 July 2023, Northumbria University

Call for Papers, deadline – 24 June 2023

Through this workshop, we will share observations and examples of experiential learning within the context of History teaching at universities. We will bring together academics who have integrated various practice-based approaches and activities into their teaching. Such examples may include projects that involve students collaborating with external partner organisations, links between field trips / excursions and module content as well as student involvement in a range of public history ventures, from the preparation of policy briefs to exhibitions.

The format for this workshop includes presentations of specific module-level and programme-level initiatives, yet there will also be room for broader discussion on the meanings of ‘experiential learning’ in History as well as the way in which we might gauge the success (or limitations) of such ventures. Following on from several online workshops run by History UK, this is an in-person workshop, held in Newcastle upon Tyne. Some travel support will be able for participants who do not have access to institutional funding.

If you would like to participate, please contact Daniel Laqua (daniel.laqua@northumbria.ac.uk) by 24 June 2023, outlining what kind of project or case study you would like to present as well as indicating the particular questions you are hoping to explore.