European History Seminar 1500-1800

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Date / time: 16 October - 31 May, 5:15 pm

Past and Present Room, Institute of Historical Research

European History Seminar 1500-1800

Institute of Historical Research European History Seminar, 1500-1800

Convenors: Philip Broadhead, Silvia Evangelisti, Joël Félix, Filippo de Vivo, JohnHenderson, Kat Hill, Julian Swann

Mondays at 17.15,Past & Present Room, IHR Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

2017-2018 Programme

Autumn Term

16 October 2017: Martin Christ (Oxford), ‘Religious Toleration and Confessional Coexistence in Early Modern Central Europe’.

30 October 2017: Stefan Hanss (Cambridge), ‘Lepanto, the Event: Decentering the History of the Battle of Lepanto (1571)’.

13 November 2017: Adrianna Catena (Warwick), ‘New Materials, Old Conflicts: The Craft of Dyeing in 16th Century Spain’.

27 November 2017: Roisin Watson (KCL), ‘The image question in Reformation Württemberg’.

11 December 2017: Cecilia Tarruell (Oxford) ‘The settlement of Islamic migrants in the Spanish Empire during the 16th and 17th centuries’.


Spring Term

8 January 2018: TBC

22 January 2018: Virginia Cox (NYU), ‘An Unknown Early Modern New World Epic: Girolamo Vecchietti’s Delle prodezze di Ferrante Cortese (1587-88)’.

5 February 2018: Giulia Calvi (Siena/EUI), ‘Healing, translating, collecting. Doctor Michelangelo Tilli in the Ottoman Empire (1683-1688)’.

19 February 2018: Silvia de Renzi (Open University), ‘What does it smell of? Identifying drugs and explaining scents in seventeenth-century Rome’.

5 March 2018: Philip Broadhead (University of the Arts), title to be confirmed


Summer Term

April/May 2018: date to be confirmed, Sudhir Hazareesingh (Oxford), with Modern French Seminar