Encounters at Sea: Interdisciplinary Conference

Date / time: 20 January, 12:00 am

Call for Papers, deadline – 20 January 2023

Throughout history, the world has been shaped by maritime encounters. Interactions on, and with, the sea have played a diverse and influential role in the human experience. These encounters take a variety of forms and encompass a broad range of interactions, ranging from instances of trade and migration to patterns of exploration and enslavement. Each ‘encounter’ offers an opportunity – a snapshot into the lives of those interacting with the oceans, as well as bountiful insight into broader global developments

In March 2023, ‘Encounters at Sea’ will convene to explore these stories of maritime encounter, in a one-day conference designed to cross chronological, disciplinary, and geographical borders. ‘Encounters at Sea’ is an interdisciplinary conference aimed at postgraduates and ECRs, open to papers from across the humanities on any topic relating to the following ‘encounters’: piracy, slavery, migration, exploration, cultural memory, and littoral communities.

This conference will be held in-person at the University of Cambridge, for one day on Friday 31 March 2023. It will progress across four panels, each consisting of three 15-minute papers and a Q&A. We are also pleased to welcome Sujit Sivasundaram as our keynote speaker.

The deadline for abstract submissions is Friday 20 January 2023. Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words (along with a short biographical note), and submitted via email to both graham.moore@pgr.reading.ac.uk and jmh259@cam.ac.uk. Where possible, a monetary contribution will be allocated towards speakers’ travel expenses.