Ecclesiastical History Society Winter Meeting: Margins and Peripheries – CONFERENCE

Date / time: 13 January, 9:15 am - 6:30 pm

Ecclesiastical History Society Winter Meeting: Margins and Peripheries - CONFERENCE


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Conference Programme

9.15–10.30 Welcome and Plenary 1 | Chair: Prof. Peter Marshall.  

Professor Catherine Rider, ‘Infertility and the Margins of Society: Medieval Churchmen think about Reproductive Disorders’.

10.30–10.40 Coffee Break

10.40–11.40 Communications I  

Session Ia | Building the Late Antique and Medieval Church on the Frontiers | Chair: tba.  

Shaun Church, ‘Experiencing Christian Sacred Space in the Roman Frontier Zones of the Fourth and Fifth Centuries CE’  

Jonathan Jarrett, ‘Priestly Provision at the Periphery: Building the Church in Tenth-Century Catalonia’

Session Ib | Childhood, Religious Experience and Marginality | Chair: tba.  

Anna French, ‘“It is as the Thief pardoned”: Infancy, Marginality and the Beginnings of Childhood in Early Modern England’  

Mary Clare Martin, ‘Christianity at the Margins: Children’s Play, the Outdoors and Religion in Britain, 1740–1870’

Session Ic | Political Marginality in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Debates | Chair: tba.  

George Palmer, ‘Anglican Priests and the Claim of Political Marginality in Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain’  

Elizabeth Reid, ‘“Gathered Up and Organised”: Responses by the Maitland Church of England Community to the First World War’

Session Id | Marginality and Agency in Missionary Encounters | Chair: tba.  

Samuel Goumuanlal Ngaihte, ‘Mission as Meeting: Towards a Hermeneutical Exploration of the Rationality of “Receptor Communities” in the Indo-Myanmar Borderlands’  

Yixuan Zhao and Maocun Zhu, ‘The Integration of Jesuit Knowledge Initiative by Late Ming Intellectuals’

11.40–11.50 Coffee Break

11.50–12.50 Communications II  

Session IIa | Narrating and Negotiating Margins in Early Medieval Europe | Chair: tba. 

Robert Evans, ‘Correctio from the Margins: Geographical Peripheries and Moral Conformity in Later Carolingian Annals’  

Calum Platts, ‘On the Periphery, at the Heart? Acca in the Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum’

Session IIb | Religious Minorities and Denominational Dynamics in the Eighteenth Century | Chair: tba.  

Daniel Inman, ‘“Meanly qualified in both learning and morals”: The Church of England and the Enlightenment in New England, 1724–75’  

Heather Nicholas, ‘On the Margins of Wesleyan Methodism: George Whitefield, John Wesley, and the Leeds Society, 1748–55’

Session IIc | Redefining Spiritual Marginality Past and Present | Chair: tba  

Gregory Shokhikyan, ‘From a Periphery to a Doctor of the Universal Church: Gregory of Narek as a Case-study’  

Nikolaj Christensen, ‘A Marginal Schism: The Danish Apostolic Church’

Session IId | Christian Communities in Early and Modern India | Chair: tba.  

Lubna Irfan, ‘Christianity in Kerala: Development of a Dynamic Community with Heterogenous Practices’  

Mohammad Abdullah Raza, ‘Migration of Christianity to a Mughal City: Practices and Social Interactions of Christians in an Islamic Empire’

12.50–13.40 Lunch Break

13.40–13.50 Book Prize Announcement | Chair: Prof. Peter Marshall.

13.50–14.50 Communications III  

Session IIIa | The Power of Marginality in Medieval and Early Modern Central and Eastern Europe | Chair: tba.  

Teodora Popovici, ‘Papal Indulgences and the Conversion of Schismatics in Late Medieval Transylvania’  

Roman Ivashko, ‘In the Case of Confirmation Privileges for the Ruthenian Parish of The Beheading of John the Baptist in Horodok’

Session IIIb | Experiencing Marginality in Pastoral Care and Religious Education in the Reformation | Chair: tba.  

Sam Ha, ‘Were Women in Peripheral Vision for Calvin?’  

Harriet Palin, ‘“Let Laughers Laugh on”: Shame and Embarrassment in Early Modern Christian Education’

Session IIIc | The Marginal in Religious Art and Architecture | Chair: tba.  

Enrico Frosio, ‘Internal Peripheries: Infirmity in the Monasteries of the Medieval West (10th–12th century)’  

Miguel Gallés Magri, ‘The Trinity in the Iconography of Christian Ethiopia: Some Unpublished Images in a Barcelona Icon Collection’

Session IIId | The Roman Catholic Church and the Americas | Chair: tba. 

Dirceu Marroquim, ‘The Roman Catholic Church and Latin America: An Experience in the Brazilian Urban Context (1891–1945)’  

Anna Clara Lehmann Martins, ‘Global Norms that Start as Norms for the Periphery: The Holy See and the Control of the Migration of Secular Priests (19th–20th centuries)’

14.50–15.00 Coffee Break

15.00–16.00 Communications IV   

Session IVa | Papal Power and Schism at the Margins | Chair: tba. 

Dan Armstrong, ‘Competing Centres and the Periphery: Anglo-Norman England and the Wibertine Schism, 1080–1100’  

Davide Salmoiraghi, ‘The Pope of Iceland: Gregorian Reform and the Medieval Icelandic Church’

Session IVb | The Influence of the Marginal in Defining Reformation Thought | Chair: tba.  

Roisin Watson, ‘Iconophobia on the Margins: The Montbeliard Colloquy (1586) and the Image Question’  

Abigail Hayton, ‘Does Jewish Law Mandate Infant Baptism by Sprinkling? The Perspective of John Lightfoot (1602–75)’

Session IVc | Women, Spirituality and Marginality in Religious Thought and Practice | Chair: tba.  

Naomi Choi, ‘Mysticism and Piety in the Thought of Johanna Eleonora Petersen and the German Religious Radicals around 1700’  

Emily Bailey, ‘The Fanaticisms of Hannah Whitall Smith’

Session IVd | The Experience of Marginality in Global Missionary Endeavours | Chair: tba. 

Shelona Klatzow, ‘Missions on the Periphery: The Wesleyan Mission Station of Platberg on the Caledon’  

James Perry, ‘A Marginal Society on the Margins of the British Empire: Latter-day Saints in Karachi, 1903–15’

16.00–17.00 Communications V  

Session Va | Centre and Margins in Medieval Catholicism | Chair: tba.  

Robert Swanson, ‘Margins, Marginality, and Marginalisation: drawing lines in and around Medieval Catholicism’  

Virginia Bainbridge, ‘Social Climbing in Fifteenth-Century England: Abbess Constance Browne of Syon and Family Patronage of Elite Religious Institutions’

Session Vb | Exile and Religious Experience in the Reformation | Chair: tba.  

Laura Roberts, ‘“To exchange their dearest parents for mere strangers”: Marginality and Meaning among English Nuns in Exile, 1559–1625’  

Andrew Spicer, ‘Aliens and the Parish Church’

Session Vc | Strategies of Mission in (Early) Modern Encounters | Chair: tba.  

Ben Leeming, ‘“You people here in New Spain”: The Aztec (Nahuatl) Sermons of Bernardino de Sahagún, OFM’  

Man Ning Chan, ‘Body, Filial Piety, and the Ancestral Offering Rites: Chinese Believers’ Voices in the Chinese Rites Controversy—Xia Dachang as an example’

Session Vd | Adapting to Modernity: Religious Thought and Practice in Twentieth Century Britain | Chair: tba.  

Carmen Mangion, ‘Inner City Missions, Inserted Communities and Religious Commitment in Post-Conciliar Britain’  

Stephen Scholes, ‘In from the Cold? Religious Education, Christianity, and Curriculum Change in Scottish Education since the 1960s’

17.00–17.15 Coffee Break

17.15–18.15 Plenary 2 | Chair: Prof. Peter Marshall.  

Professor Craig Harline, ‘Centre and Periphery Are Met, Middle and Margin Shall Kiss: A Modern Saga of Migration and Reconciliation’.

18.15–18.30 Close of Conference