Communication and Exchange in the Early Modern (c.1500-1850) – CALL FOR PAPERS

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Date / time: 29 February, All day

Aberystwyth University

Communication and Exchange in the Early Modern (c.1500-1850) - CALL FOR PAPERS


Conference – 30 May 2024, Aberystwyth University

Call for Papers, deadline –  29 February 2024

Acceptance Date – 1 April 2024

From letters to newspapers, sermons to stage, art to architecture; the early modern world communicated their ideas in obvious and obscure formats. The continued improvements of the printing press and postal network enabled European writers to communicate more effectively and efficiently. In the backdrop of nation building, high and popular European culture were expressed through the arts, architecture, and performance. The developments in ecclesiastical, political, and international relations facilitated a broader audience across intellectual, religious and nationals lines. These forms of communication and exchange will be highlighted by this conference, exploring the value of networking and expression in the early modern world.

For this conference, we invite scholars of all professional levels and disciplines with an interest in early modern communication and exchange to contribute to the following themes:

  • The physicality of letters, writing, and networks.
  • Production of manuscripts, books, and pamphlets.
  • Communicating opposition, resistance, and revolution.
  • Political communication of conflict, diplomacy, and propaganda.
  • Communication of friendship, betrayal and hostility.
  • Cultural, intellectual, and religious exchange.
  • Art and architecture as spatial communication.
  • Performance, space, and soundscapes.
  • Expressions of gender, ethnicity, and nationality.
  • Interpretation and reception of early modern communication.
  • Travel, Transport, and Trade.
  • Wales and Welsh communication and interaction.

For 15-20 minute paper submissions, please submit an abstract of 200 words and a short Biography (maximum of 100 words) to

The deadline for submissions is 29th February 2024. We aim to inform our speakers by April, and the perspective conference date is for 30th May 2024.