CMRC Conference – The Enemy: A Pre-Modern Perspective (c. 500-1700)

Date / time: 19 January - 20 January, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

CMRC Conference - The Enemy: A Pre-Modern Perspective (c. 500-1700)


The Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture (University of Southampton) is delighted to announce that it will be hosting an interdisciplinary conference on The Enemy: A Pre-Modern Perspective (c. 500-1700) which will be held online on Wednesday & Thursday, 19-20 January 2022. Eighteen speakers will explore the notion of enmity and how the concept affected social, political, legal, and diplomatic relationships throughout the pre-modern world. Who was the enemy and what did enmity involve? How did concepts of enmity relate to individuals, nations, and other groups? We will examine how pre-modern societies understood the perception, labelling and declination of enemies and enmity, and how powerful and pervasive a rhetorical figure the enemy was in political and religious discourse. We will also consider the legal implications and social structures involved in the concept of enmity, and observe the evolution of these concepts in the pre-modern world. How did understandings and realities of enmity changed through time and throughout territories?

Keynote lectures will be delivered by Dr Lydwine Scordia (University of Rouen), Dr Sophie Ambler (University of Lancaster) and Prof John France (University of Swansea).

You can read more about the conference, consult its full programme (also attached to this email) and register to this event by following this link:

Registration is essential. You will need to register by 14 January at 12.00 pm. Details on how to join the online event will be sent to registered participants very shortly after registration closes.