Challenging Inequality: A Workshop for Women Historians in UK Universities

Date / time: 14 October, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Challenging Inequality: A Workshop for Women Historians in UK Universities

The publication in 2015 of the Royal Historical Society’s report on Gender Equality and Historians in UK Higher Education highlighted a number of concerns about the persistence of barriers to gender equality in British universities. Its sobering analysis of invisible bias, the silencing of women, stereotype threat and the gender pay gap reminds us that ‘good policies are not always enough’. Many female historians have been involved in initiatives which aim to promote gender equality in their own institutions, but opportunities to discuss experiences and ideas about best practice across the discipline are rare.

Professors Senia Paseta and Selina Todd, co-Directors of Women in the Humanities, invite women historians currently employed in British universities to a one day workshop on Challenging Inequity in our Discipline. We want to encourage women from History Departments and Faculties across the United Kingdom to share ideas and strategies, and to contribute to the promotion of gender equality.Speakers include:

× Prof Nicola Miller (UCL) and Prof Mary Vincent (Sheffield); authors of the RHS Gender Report× Trudy Coe, Head of the Equality and Diversity Unit, University of Oxford× Prof Lynn Abrams (Glasgow) and Prof. Jo Fox (Durham)× Prof Jane Humphries and Prof Selina Todd (Oxford)

The workshop will be organised around a series of panels so that all participants will be able to share their own experiences and ideas. There will be ample opportunity for women to discuss gender equality collectively as well as in smaller, subject/period specific groups.

Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided, but we will ask for a £10 voluntary contribution on the day. This will allow us to organise a separate workshop for early career historians in 2017.

Registration is essential.