YSI Business History Webinar Series

Date / time: 1 February - 30 June, All day

YSI Business History Webinar Series

The YSI economic history working group is setting up a webinar series on Business History in cooperation with The Business History Network at Oxford University.

Business historians examine the evolution of the productive world, focusing on business systems and enterprises. Topics such as development, work relations, globalization and the relations between economic agents and society cannot be understood without the analysis of companies and businesses, whether corporations, SMEs or State enterprise.

We are planning two workshops for the 2015/16 academic year:

February 2016, St. John’s College (Oxford)
May 2016, St. John’s College (Oxford)

More information and the schedule of the workshops will be posted closer to the date. If you have any questions, please email sebastian.huempfer@history.ox.ac.uk.

We aim to maintain a broad definition for Business History. Possible topics include but are not restricted to:

  • The industrial revolutions
  • Technology and business, development of know-how
  • The rise of corporations
  • The relations between State and Enterprise
  • Globalisation, multinational corporations and local companies
  • Corporate Social responsibility and climate change
  • Work relations
  • Capitalism and State Enterprise
  • History of specific companies
  • Business lobbying

For more information, please access the following links:

Oxford Business History Network