Centre for Early Modern Studies, KCL: Key Texts

Date / time: 13 March, 5:00 pm

Call for Proposals, deadline – Monday, 13 March at 5 pm

After Keywords in 2021 and Key Things in 2022, the Centre for Early Modern Studies at King’s is looking to commission six short pieces for this year’s postgraduate blog series. Each piece will be paid, of around a thousand words in length, and take a single ‘key text’ as its point of departure.

The series seeks to think about – and re-think – the texts that have occupied, continue to occupy, and ought to occupy places in our teaching and research. Participants might make the case for a primary text they believe has long been overlooked by their discipline or celebrate a secondary source that has been vital to the development of their field. We’re particularly keen to hear reflections and provocations on texts – whether old or new – which participants feel point in important new directions for early modern studies. Texts might be (non-exhaustively) historical, literary, scientific, political, critical, or philosophical in nature. They might also be relatively obscure and/or unknown or have long been part of the traditional “canon” (a term which the series, in part, hopes to complicate). Participants, in other words, should feel free – indeed, are encouraged – to interpret the parameters of the task in the manner that best befits their current research interests. As with previous series, we hope that in issuing a call across the varied disciplines of the Arts and Humanities we can locate new and diverse points of connection within early modern studies.

If you’re interested in being involved, or have any questions, please do get in touch via the CEMS email address (cems@kcl.ac.uk) before 5pm on Monday 13 March 2023. We ask that you include your department, current level of study, a proposed ‘key text’ , and a brief summary of your research. The release of the series will be phased over the spring and summer, with the first post scheduled for mid-May 2023.

We look forward to hearing from you.