Bentham Project Seminars 2018

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Date / time: 20 February - 19 June, 12:00 am

University College London

Bentham Project Seminars 2018

6pm, 20 Feb 2018:  Anthony Julius (UCL) Bentham and the Arts seminar: ‘Who was the greater champion of literature, Bentham or Mill?’

6pm, 6 March 2018:  Stella Sandford (Kingston) Bentham and the Arts seminar: ‘Envy accompanied with Antipathy’: Bentham and Freud on the Psychology of Sexual Ressentiment’

6pm, 20 March 2018:  Tim Milnes (Edinburgh) Bentham and the Arts seminar: ‘Bentham, Romanticism, and the Arts’

2pm, 12 April to 2pm, 13 April 2018:  Reviving Bentham’s Theory of Evidence: An Anglo-French Symposium, (including keynote lecture by William Twining, 6pm, 12 April, Denys Holland Lecture Theatre)

4pm, 13 April 2018:  Peter J Aschenbrenner (Purdue)  Bentham seminar: ‘Evidence lost in a ‘False Geography’: How variable management enabled Bentham to avoid transplanting ‘English Mischiefs upon French ground’ in his Draught of a Code’

 5.30pm, 25 April 2018:  Andrew Halpin (Singapore) Bentham seminar: Exploring a uniform deontic operator, with assistance from Bentham

6pm, 1 May 2018: Frances Ferguson (Chicago) Bentham and the Arts seminar: ‘Jeremy Bentham’s Expansive Aesthetics: Pushpin Too’

 6pm, 22 May 2018:  Emmanuelle de Champs (Cergy-Pointoise) Bentham and the Arts seminar: ‘Bentham and Dumont on Taste and Literature’

 6pm, 29 May 2018:  Carey Young (UCL) Bentham and the Arts seminar: Title TBC

 6pm, 5 June 2018:  Fran Cottell (University of the Arts) and Marianne Mueller (Architectural Assocation): Bentham and the Arts seminar: ‘Pentagon Petal: from Pain to Pleasure’

6pm, 19 June 2018:  Carolyn Shapiro (Falmouth) Bentham and the Arts seminar: ‘The Image of Bentham’


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