Atlantic Geographies Conference – CALL FOR PAPERS

Date / time: 1 June, All day

Atlantic Geographies Conference - CALL FOR PAPERS


Call for Papers: ‘Atlantic Geographies: Barriers, Connections, and Opportunities’
Deadline – 1 June 2024

For centuries, the geography of the Atlantic world has shaped human history. Active elements range from the winds and currents themselves to the intricate networks of trade routes and the geographical determinants of colonial expansion. Properly studied, these features can illuminate the complexities of human mobility, environmental change, and cultural exchange during the tumultuous early modern period.

The study of the Atlantic world represents a dynamic and multifaceted field of historical inquiry that continues to captivate scholars across disciplines. On 13 September 2024, ‘Atlantic Geographies’ will convene for a one-day conference hosted by the University of Reading’s Early Modern Research Centre to bring together these research strands and consider the impact of the ocean’s geography on the early modern world (c.1500-1800). We are also delighted to welcome Dr. John McAleer (University of Southampton) as a keynote speaker.

Papers should be themed around Atlantic geographic features, including:

  • Islands
  • Estuaries
  • Straits and/or capes
  • Currents and/or winds

Focus on these geographic elements will allow papers to approach a variety of broader topics, including (but not limited to): trade and economy, exploration, cartography, migration, enslavement, social interactions, the development of spatial identities, and ecological impacts that social interactions had across the Atlantic landscape. ‘Atlantic Geographies’ seeks to deepen our understanding of interactions between people, place, and environment in shaping the past and present. Scholars from diverse disciplines are encouraged to engage.

Abstracts (200 words) & bio (150) by 1 June 2024, to both:
Christos Giannatos:
Graham Moore:

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