Annual Ecclesiastical History Colloquium

Date / time: 20 June, 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Annual Ecclesiastical History Colloquium

Annual Ecclesiastical History Conference at Oxford Brookes University on Thursday 20 June 2019.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Jan Stievermann, University of Heidelberg
  • Dr Bryce Taylor, Brigham Young University
  • Professor Owen Anderson, Arizona State University

Location: Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University, OX2 9AT


  • 2.00 pm Professor Jan Stievermann, University of Heidelberg: Cotton Mather’s Biblical Politics of Religious Toleration.
  • 2.45 pm Dr Bryce Taylor, Brigham Young University: Disseminating Ecclesiastical Authority: Common Sense, Biblical Exegesis, and Experience in Nineteenth-Century New England.
  • 3.30 pm Tea
  • 4.00 pm Dr Spencer W. McBride, LDS Church History Department: To Pray, or Not to Pray, for the King: Anglican Clergymen and Liturgical Politics in the American Revolution.
  • 4.45 pm Professor Owen Anderson, Arizona State University: Charles Hodge returns from Germany: Pantheism, Piety, and the Knowledge of God.
  • 5.30 pm Postgraduate Panel: Ryan Tobler, Harvard University (PhD student) Nonconformists: Puritan Emigration and the Problematics of English Worship; Jonathan Pike, University of Heidelberg (PhD student)God and Authority in the English Protestant Rationalists.
  • 6.30 pm Buffet dinner

There is no charge for this event, but please confirm attendance by 1 June to the Administratorof the Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History. Email: or phone: 01865 488455

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