An Era of Value Change. The Seventies in Europe

Date / time: 14 March - 16 March, All day

An Era of Value Change. The Seventies in Europe

International Conference: An Era of Value Change. The Seventies in Europe

14-16 March 2019, German Historical Institute, London

Funded by DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, European Commission – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Programme, German Historical Institute Rome, German Historical Institute London

Thursday, 14 March 2019

13.30-14.00 h Arrival and Registration

14.00-14.15 h Welcome Christina von Hodenberg (London)Martin Baumeister (Rome)

14.15-14.30 h Introduction Fiammetta Balestracci (London)

14.45-16.30 h Panel I: The Dwindling Value of the Future in the Long Seventies

  • Chair: Ulf Brunnbauer (Regensburg)
  • Emily Robinson (Sussex): Nostalgia for the Progressive Future: Political temporalities in 1970s Britain
  • Fernando Esposito (Tübingen): The Future and its Discontents. How the Transformation of the Future affected Historical and Political Thinking
  • Tobias Becker (London): When the Past Killed the Future. The 1970s “Nostalgia Wave”
  • Ekaterina Emeliantseva Koller (Zurich): Changes, Discourses, Practices in the Long Seventies: “Decline” Narratives and Rural Development in the Late Soviet Union

16.30-17.00 h Tea & Coffee

17.00-18.30 h  Panel II: Expert Knowledge and the World’s Reconceptualization

  • Chair: Claudia Kraft (Vienna)
  • Pascal Germann (Bern): Toward the Quality of Life: The Social Indicators Movement and New Value Orientations in the 1970s
  • Norbert Goetz (Stockholm): Toward Expressive Humanitarianism: Biafra and the Emergencies of the 1970s
  • Martin Deuerlein (Tübingen): The Changing Value of the Nation State: Social Sciences and Global Interdependence in the 1970s

18.30-20.00 h Wine Reception

Friday, 15 March 2019

9.30-11.15 h Panel III: New Politics and Democratization

  • Chair: Gerd-Rainer Horn (Paris)
  • Johan van Merriënboer (Nijmegen): The Birth of Average Joe in the Progressive 1970s and its Impact on Dutch Politics and Culture
  • Corrado Tornimbeni (Bologna): Re-Shaping the Cold War Divide at Grassroots Level: The Italian Political System and the Solidarity Network for the Anti-Colonial Struggle in Mosambique (1962-1975)
  • Patricia Hertel (Basel): Holidays in a Dictatorship: Discussing Values in European Tourism to Spain, Portugal and Greece during the 1960s and 1970s
  • Effie Pedaliu (London): Region Building and Erecting Fences in the Mediterranean in the 1970s

11.15-11.45 h Tea & Coffee

11.45-13.15 h Panel IV: New Social Movements and Global Europe

  • Chair: Detlef Siegfried (Copenhagen)
  • Inbal Ofer (Tel Aviv): “Autogestión” and the Spanish Citizen’s Movement: An Initiative for a Different Kind of Democracy
  • Isabel Richter (Berkeley): Enlightenment as Indian Export Hit? Youth Cultures and New Religiosities in the Long Seventies
  • Martina Salvante (Warwick): Breaking Institutional and Societal Barriers: Disability Activists in Italy in the 1970s

13.15-14.15 Sandwich Lunch

14.15-15.45 h Panel V: Rethinking Work

  • Chair: Christina von Hodenberg (London)
  • Bernhard Dietz (Mainz): The Rise of the Self-Actualisation Man: Value Change in West Germany’s Capitalist Culture in the Age of Protest
  • Florian Schui (St. Gallen): Working Hard for the Money: Work and Leisure in the 1970s
  • Christopher Neumaier (Potsdam): Women’s Choices Between Family and Work in East and West Germany, 1960s to 1980s

16.00-16.30 h Tea & Coffee

16.30-18.00 h Panel VI: Changing Families

  • Chair: Christopher Neumaier (Potsdam)
  • Lisa Dittrich (Munich): Historicizing Partnership and Individualization: A Grassroots Perspective on Value Change in Marriage in the GDR
  • Isabel Heinemann (Münster): Desperate Housewives, Determined Feminists, Triumphant Men? Divorce Reform and Transnational Value Change in Europe During the 1970s
  • Barbara Klich-Kluczewska (Krakow): The Experts’ Turn: The Sociopolitical Crisis and the Polish Family of the Seventies

18.15-19.30 h Keynote Address

  • Chair: Christina von Hodenberg (London)
  • James Mark (Exeter): Lost between 1968 and 1989? Re-establishing the 1970s in Histories of Eastern Europe

20.00 h Conference dinner

Saturday, 16 March 2019

9.15-11.00 h Panel VII: Sexual Revolution?

  • Chair: Fiammetta Balestracci (London)
  • Jan-Henrik Friedrichs (Hildesheim): Sexual Liberation for Paedophiles? Child Sexuality, Paedophilia and Social Science in West Germany, 1967-1985
  • Roseanna Webster (Cambridge): The Politics of Sexuality and Reproduction in Anti-Francoist Activism
  • Aline Maldener (Saarbrücken): Juvenile Sexuality, Gender Roles and their Embodiment in European Youth Magazines of the 1960s and 1970s
  • Kristoff Kerl (Cologne): Ecstatic Bodies and Social Change: Sexuality and Psychedelic Drugs in West Germany During the 1970s

11.00-11.30 h Tea & Coffee

11.30-13.30 h Concluding Roundtable Discussion

  • Chair: Martin Baumeister (Rome)
  • Discussants: Fiammetta Balestracci (London), Gerd-Rainer Horn (Paris), Claudia Kraft (Vienna), Simone Neri Serneri (Firenze)

If you are interested in attending, please email by 8 March 2019:

Selection Committee: Fiammetta Balestracci (London), Martin Baumeister (Rome), Ulf Brunnbauer (Regenburg), Christina von Hodenberg (London), Gerd-Rainer Horn (Paris), Claudia Kraft (Vienna), Detlef Siegfried (Copenhagen)Conveners: Fiammetta Balestracci (London), Martin Baumeister (Rome), Christina von Hodenberg (London)