Agriculture, Economy and Society in Early Modern Scotland

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Date / time: 6 May, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Augustine Church

Agriculture, Economy and Society in Early Modern Scotland

About the conference

Most people in early modern Scotland lived and worked on the land. How did agriculture shape their daily lives, and the broader economy and society in which they worked? This one-day conference brings together scholars to present some of the latest research.

Papers will include detailed studies of the working of agriculture in particular localities, from Midlothian to Shetland. The role of farming in culture and the imagination will be examined. An international dimension enters with a study of the North Sea grain trade.

While several of the papers focus on the older ‘unimproved’ agriculture, there is also attention to the changing role of agriculture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Finally, agriculture’s place in Scotland’s broader economic modernisation will be discussed