2023 SRS Conference: The Reformation and the Family

Date / time: 11 April - 13 April, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Call for Papers, deadline – 31 January 2023

The family was at the heart of early modern society. This conference considers what made a family in the early modern period and how families navigated religious change. During the Reformation, traditional bonds of blood and kinship could become strained and in some cases were severed due to conflicting religious beliefs. The closing of religious houses fractured spiritual communities whose members viewed each other as brothers and sisters; individual households and dynastic houses splintered due to opposing religious policies. Exile and conversion separated spouses, siblings, and children both physically and spiritually. Did these families maintain their sense of belonging across such separations, and if so how? Families could also become the location of interconfessional encounter, for example through the marriage of members of different confessions married and negotiated their differences. Ideas about worship and behaviour impacted family dynamics, and the family came to be seen as the locus of piety and a model of devotion not only for Protestants but also to some extent for Catholics. The pater- and materfamilias were responsible for catechising and educating children and other members of the household. Protestant pastors’ households increasingly played an important role as model families. The conference will also provide an opportunity to explore the use of the language of family in theological discourse.

Leading us in our consideration of Reformation and Family will be: Professor Dr. Fred van Lieburg (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam); Professor Ronald Rittgers (Duke Divinity School); Dr Lucy Underwood (University of Warwick); Professor Alexandra Walsham (University of Cambridge).

As always, papers which reflect the current work of participants, regardless of their relevance to the theme, are welcome. The conference is always particularly keen to hear communications from postgraduate and early career scholars.

A number of bursaries are available for doctoral students and early career researchers. On the bursary application form explain your need for support, your likely travel costs, and include a supporting letter of reference from your supervisor. For further information, contact Professor Charlotte Methuen (charlotte.methuen@glasgow.ac.uk).

Proposed paper titles together with an abstract (100-150 words) should be submitted by 31 January 2023 to Professor Charlotte Methuen (charlotte.methuen@glasgow.ac.uk). Registrations must be received by 15 February 2023, either by the booking form (available from Charlotte Methuen or via Eventbrite (https://srs2023.eventbrite.co.uk).

Conference venue

Westminster College, Cambridge (and on Zoom)
Madingley Road