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Upcoming RHS Events


RHS Symposium at Nottingham Trent University
5 September 2019
Charity, Welfare and Emotions in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
A symposium exploring the relationship between the emotions and experiences of charity and welfare. Recent scholarship on welfare and poor relief has foregrounded the experiences of poor people and those in need of care. At the same time, the history of emotions is an exciting and rapidly expanding field which offers new ways of approaching and conceptualising historical study itself. This Symposium aims to encourage dialogue between the two fields.
All welcome to attend; please register by 23 August. More details here.


Next RHS Lecture
20 September 2019
Prof. Penny Roberts (Warwick)
‘Truth during the French Religious Wars’
Truth is always contestable.
This lecture will explore that assertion in the context of the sixteenth century. In many ways, the French religious wars were defined by the battle between what was true and what was false. Those on either side of the confessional divide believed that they had identified, and were sometimes even prepared to die for, the defence of the ‘true faith’…
All welcome to this public lecture. No registration needed. Find out more.

Colin Matthew Lecture for the Public Understanding of History
1 October 2019 at 6.00pm, Museum of London

David Olusoga, OBE

‘Human Traffic: Race and Post-War Migration Policy’
In the years after 1945 successive British governments set out to weaponise the nation’s immigration policy. To maintain historic ties to the Old Commonwealth, and shore-up Britain’s position as a ‘world power’ they encouraged and even subsidised the emigration of over a million Britons while simultaneously recruiting thousands of East Europeans for new lives in Britain. Yet in 1948, with the arrival of the Empire Windrush and the passing of the British Nationality Act, another, unplanned and unwanted migration was set in train.
Registration required. Find out more.


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