Women on the Move: new book seriesWomen on the Move: new book series
6 October - 31 December

Remembering Napoleon III
9 January - 15 January

The Forgotten Invasion : the English expedition of Louis of France (1215-1217) in its European contextThe Forgotten Invasion : the English expedition of Louis of France (1215-1217) in its European context
1 April - 1 August

Approaching the (Family) Archive: Challenges and ReflectionsApproaching the (Family) Archive: Challenges and Reflections
25 May - 31 March

Historical Association: Manchester Branch Programme (with Liverpool & Chester)
10 September - 6 May

Creative History in the ClassroomCreative History in the Classroom
12 September - 31 January

2022-23 Lecture Programme of the Historical Association, West Surrey Branch
20 September - 13 June
St Nicholas’ Hall
2022-23 Lecture Programme by the Historical Association, Bath Branch
29 September - 20 April
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI)
Migration History Seminar Series
12 October - 24 May

The British in India Book Prizes and Zoom Lectures
25 October - 31 December

Knowledge is Power: Class, Community and Adult Education
27 October - 12 March

Reflecting on Imtiaz Habib’s Black Lives in the English Archives
28 October - 2 February

Workhouse Lives III
1 November - 4 July
Nottingham Trent University
Why Early Modern History Matters: Monster Carnival 2022
7 November - 15 December

Graduate Student Scholarship for Studies in the History of Ideas
29 November - 28 February

British Agricultural History Society Winter Conference: The Environment
10 December

Licentious Worlds: India and The British
13 December

Annual John Percival Postgate Lecture: ‘Slavery in Hellenistic Egypt: what do the papyri tell us?’
13 December

Friends of The Women’s Library Talks Programme
14 December

Simon Barton Lecture in Medieval Studies: ‘Slaying the Servants of the Lord: The Killing of Bishops in Medieval Germany’
14 December

Creative History in the Classroom: Workshop 5 Feeling Creative
14 December

Teaching with Programming Historian
16 December

Cultural Histories of Empire: 2023 International Society for Cultural History Conference
20 December

CFP: Institute of Historical Research’s History Lab Annual Conference 2023
23 December

CFP: Family Archives and their Afterlives, 1400-present
30 December

Online Seminar Group: Medieval Wales and the Marches
31 December

A Viking in the Sun: Harald Hardrada, the Mediterranean, and the Nordic World, between the late Viking Age and the Eve of the Crusades. Event 1: Textual and Material Sources and their Performativity
31 December

Research Festival Call for Papers: Libraries, Lives and Legacies, April 2023
6 January

CfP: In the Photographic Darkroom
9 January

Bedford and Brotherton Short-term Fellowships 2023
9 January

AHRC 4 Year Funded PhD Opportunity
11 January

Boiseries: Decoration and Migration from the Eighteenth Century to the PresentBoiseries: Decoration and Migration from the Eighteenth Century to the Present
12 January - 13 January

Alliances in the History of Armed Conflict, 1642-present
15 January

Exhibit Asia: Partition and the Transition to Nation States in South and East Asia
15 January

ECR Fellowships at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
16 January

Castle Studies: Present and Future
16 January

At the Crossroads of Modernity: Newspapers as Miscellany from the 1880s
20 January

Encounters at Sea: Interdisciplinary Conference
20 January

Popery, Politics and Prayer: British and Irish Catholicism
23 January

Displaced Indigeneity, Unsettling Histories: Forced Migration, Kinship and Belonging
30 January

Organise! Organise! Organise! Collective Action, Associational Culture and the Politics of Organisation in the British Isles, c.1790-1914
31 January

IHR British History in the Long Eighteenth Century Seminar: Lightning Talks 2023
31 January

The Fifteenth Century Conference 2023
31 January

IHR Christopher Hill and the English Revolution: 50 Years after The World Turned Upside Down
4 February

Religion in Modern Education: Conflict, Policy, and Practice
14 February

Migration and the First World War
14 February

Heritage at War: Plan and Prepare
28 February

Gordon Forster Essay Prize – Northern History
1 March

On the Borders: The Mortimer History Society Essay Prize 2022
1 March

The Church and Youth – Scottish Church History
4 March

Marjorie Chibnall Essay Prize and Poster Session
15 March

2023 SRS Conference, The Reformation and the Family
11 April - 13 April

‘Homecoming’ After War: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
20 May

Corruption, the Public Service Ethos and the Common Good in Western Europe in the Nineteenth Century
8 June - 9 June

Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation, 1750-1914Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation, 1750-1914
19 June - 22 June

Blood and Virtue: Nobility of Blood and Nobilities of Soul in the Middle AgesBlood and Virtue: Nobility of Blood and Nobilities of Soul in the Middle Ages
12 October - 14 October