The Forgotten Invasion : the English expedition of Louis of France (1215-1217) in its European contextThe Forgotten Invasion : the English expedition of Louis of France (1215-1217) in its European context
1 April - 1 August

2022-23 Lecture Programme of the Historical Association, West Surrey Branch2022-23 Lecture Programme of the Historical Association, West Surrey Branch
20 September - 13 June
St Nicholas’ Hall
Workhouse Lives III
1 November - 4 July
Nottingham Trent University
Byzantium Then and Now
23 March - 23 June

Internment during the First World War. The Global German Experience
26 April - 26 June

Summer Lecture Series 2023 – German Historical Institute London
9 May - 27 June
German Historical Institute London (and via Zoom)
British Nonconformity in the Long Eighteenth Century
1 June - 22 June

Science, Gender and Sociability in a Northern City c. 1775-1820
8 June - 10 June

Refugees from National Socialism in Wales: Learning from the Past for the Future
8 June - 28 June
Pontio Arts Centre, Bangor University
In the Photographic Darkroom
8 June - 9 June

Corruption, the Public Service Ethos and the Common Good in Western Europe in the Nineteenth Century
8 June - 9 June

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881): His Lives and Afterlives. Celebrating the 220th Anniversary of the Birth of a Victorian Iconoclast
10 June

Study Day: The Work and Legacies of Charles Thomas Newton
12 June

The Medicalisation of Women’s Ageing
12 June
St Luke’s Chapel
PAST Records Workshop – Medieval Legal Records
13 June

PAST Records Workshop – Early Modern Legal Records
14 June

Lords and Masters : Domination in Medieval Normandy (11th-15th Centuries)
15 June

Imaginative Pasts – Keynote Lecture by Ananya Chakravarti: ‘Whose Imaginative Pasts? The Brahminical Archive and the History of India’
15 June

Ridings of Yorkshire Society Conference 2023
16 June - 17 June
Leeds City Museum
Birkbeck Medieval Seminar: Hygiene and Health in the Middle Ages
16 June

Another Lambeth Windrush History? June 23 1948
16 June
Lambeth Town Hall
Imaginative Pasts – Keynote Lecture by Hester Barron and Claire Langhamer: ‘Imagining the Class of ’37’
16 June

The British Academy Summer Showcase 2023
17 June
10-11 Carlton House Terrace
Imaginative Pasts Keynote Lecture: Anna Sherman – ‘Creditors & the Beauty Trap: Writing Crossover Histories for a General Readership’
17 June

The Windrush Scandal in a Transnational and Commonwealth Context
19 June
IHR Wolfson Conference Suite, NB01/NB02, Basement, IHR,
Methods and Sources for Historical Research | June 2023
19 June - 23 June

Remembering the Ship in Citizenship: An Evening with John Agard and a Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Windrush
19 June
The Beveridge Hall
Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation, 1750-1914Comparative Empire: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation, 1750-1914
19 June - 22 June

Manchester Wesley Research Centre Annual Lecture
20 June
Nazarene Theological College
PAST Records Workshop – High Court of Admiralty
20 June

Shipwreck and the Sea in Early Modern Art and Culture: New Horizons and Watery Graves
20 June

2023 Cambridge Graduate Conference in Political Thought
20 June

Conflict, Trauma, Memorialisation: Material Culture, Archives, Public Space
22 June - 23 June

Registration Open – Magic and Witchcraft: Evolving Beliefs, Practices, and Attitudes
22 June - 23 June

A Two-Day Workshop on Introduction to Islamic Manuscripts and Digital Codicology in Lisbon
22 June - 23 June

London Foundling Hospital History: An Online Conference
23 June - 24 June

BrANCH Harriet Tubman Essay Prize 2023
23 June

Inner Temple History Society: Treasures from the Library
26 June
The Inner Temple Lecture Theatre
Conference Registration open: Religion and Conflict in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods
27 June - 28 June
Nottingham Trent University
Summer School on ‘Understanding Muslim Societies in Past and Present’ in Lisbon
27 June - 30 June
Faculty of Social and Human Sciences Avenida Berna 26 C
Canon Daffern: ‘Rubrics for Royalty: The story of the Coronation Service in 2023′
27 June
Lambeth Palace Library
Histories of Vaccine Mandates and Exemptions
27 June

Displaced Indigeneity, Unsettling Histories: Forced Migration, Kinship and Belonging
27 June - 28 June

Family Archives and their Afterlives, 1400-present
27 June - 28 June

Enchantment in the History of Capitalism Conference
29 June - 30 June

Blue Helmet Bureaucrats
30 June

The Samuel Pepys Award 2023
1 July

At the Heart of the Nation: Migration and the NHS
4 July
RCN Library
Wellington Papers 40: Behind the Scenes at the Archives
7 July
Hartley Library
First Annual Graduate Student Conference on Economic and Social History
7 July
School of History, Classics and Anthropology
International 19th Century Studies Association Conference
10 July - 12 July

‘English Archives: An Historical Survey’ by Richard Olney
10 July

Necessary Women: The Untold Story of Parliament’s Working Women
11 July
History Senior Common Room, Arts Two Building, Mile End
Cantate Domino: Exhibition Concert
11 July
Lambeth Palace Library
Popery, Politics and Prayer: British and Irish Catholicism
11 July - 13 July

Stuart Style: Textiles from the Gloucester
11 July

IHR Derek Keene London Lecture 2023: ‘Collecting and Celebrating LGBTQ+ History in London and Beyond: The Adventures of an Archivist’
12 July
IHR Wolfson Room NB01
William Camden and his World
14 July

Call for Book Review Editors for Urban History
14 July

Data Science and History: Practicing and Theorizing Data-Driven Inquiries into the Past
15 July - 10 December

IHR History Lab’s Annual Conference: ‘Historia Interrupta’
18 July

Summer Conference 2023: Margins and Peripheries
18 July - 20 July

Organise! Organise! Organise! Collective Action, Associational Culture and the Politics of Organisation in Britain and Ireland, c.1790-1914
20 July - 21 July
Collingwood College Penthouse Conference Suite, Durham University
Medicine Politics Emotions: Historical Reflections on Pandemics in the 20s
20 July

Golden Age of Cinema
21 July

‘The rascal with his fire stick’: The Artist, the Arquebus, and the Italian Wars
26 July
The Royal Armouries Museum
Richard Palmer: ‘This august tribunal, The Court of Arches: Sex, Money and the Church in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.’
27 July
Lambeth Palace Library
British Records Association Janette Harley Prize 2023
31 July

Third Hume Studies Essay Prize
1 August

‘The legs are built under the men’: Prostheses and the First World War
9 August
The Royal Armouries Museum
England and France before 1500: The 2023 Harlaxton Medieval Symposium in honour of Dr Jenny Stratford
14 August - 17 August

The Terror from the North: The ‘Barbarian’ and Warfare in Cisalpine Gaul c.400 – 180 BC
16 August
The Royal Armouries Museum
Fear, Pirates and the Sacking of Panama
23 August
The Royal Armouries Museum
Being Human Festival 2023: Call for Applications
25 August

Saints and Mystics in Legend and Tradition
2 September - 3 September

Beyond the ‘Good’/’Bad’ Migrant Dichotomy: Ways Forward for Early Modern & Contemporary History
5 September

‘Race’, Divisive Law and Group Identity in Medieval Europe
7 September - 8 September

‘An Exclusive and Expensive Article?’ Opera and Money
12 September

Blood and Virtue: Nobility of Blood and Nobilities of Soul in the Middle AgesBlood and Virtue: Nobility of Blood and Nobilities of Soul in the Middle Ages
12 October - 14 October

Official History: Past, Present and Future
8 January

Children’s History Society Conference 2024 CfP: Children’s Worlds Through Time
4 July - 6 July