The Trafalgar Chronicle – new Editor sought

10 October 2018

The Trafalgar Chronicle is an annual publication of The 1805 Club, containing news, articles, research and images about the Georgian navy.   Since the early 1990 the Trafalgar Chronicle has established itself as a prime source of information, the publication of choice for new research, and the leading repository of knowledge about the Georgian navy, sometimes also called Nelson’s Navy.  Successive editors have widened the scope to include all sailing navies of the period, while a recurring theme has been the Campaign of Trafalgar and the epic battle of 21 October 1805.

Contributors to the Trafalgar Chronicle are the leading experts in their field including members of The 1805 Club, distinguished historians from around the world, antiquarians and enthusiastic amateurs.Since 2016 the Trafalgar Chronicle has switched from private printing to commercial publication and is available for sale through booksellers and the United States Institute Press, as well as to the 500 members of The 1805 Club.

The Editor of the Trafalgar Chronicle is appointed by the Council of The 1805 Club and the term of editorship lasts from three to five years.   A small honorarium is paid, currently about £2,500, and the Editor is invited to attend the quarterly meetings of the Council of The 1805 Club.  The Editor has wide measure of independence but is responsible for:

  • the content and the quality of the Trafalgar Chronicle
  • oversight of all aspects its production
  • and for its timely distribution to members of The 1805 Club on or before the date on which the 1805 Club holds its annual Trafalgar Night dinner.

The current Editor is coming to the end of his term of office and applications would be welcomed from suitably experienced candidates.    Full terms of reference are available from the current Editor who would be pleased to discuss his succession with applicants.    Enquires should be made to