The Calendar of Patent Rolls Elizabeth completed

21 February 2019

The List and Index Society s delighted to announce the completion of the Calendar of Patent Rolls Elizabeth. This is one of the biggest editing and publishing projects of the past generation and its completion will be welcomed by a wide range of historians, whether political, economic, social or regional and local in their interests. Much of this material it makes accessible was previously unknown: it illuminates people, places and government policy, often in the most surprising ways.

The archive is enormous, especially in those years when the crown was selling land to finance war. And as a result the published calendar through to the end of the reign is enormous too. To give some figures: we have published 31 volumes, containing 7723 pages and 26845 entries.

The project was directed by Professor Richard Hoyle. It was made possible through funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and latterly the Marc Fitch Fund.

The Society can supply complete sets of the calendar – which all libraries which hold the HMSO calendar of the Patent Rolls Elizabeth should acquire – as well as individual volumes. Details can be found on the List and Index Society website at

Also recently published is a volume of Star Chamber Reports: BL Harley Ms 2143 transcribed and edited by Professor Krista Kesselring.