RHS journal articles now available on ‘First View’

18 March 2022

We are very pleased to announce the availability of our first ever ‘First View’ article for Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Dr Jenni Hyde’s ‘Popular Propaganda: John Heywood’s Wedding Ballad and Mary I’s Spanish Match’.



Dr Hyde’s article — which considers the value of John Heywood’s ballad in defending Mary’s wedding to Philip of Spain in 1554 — is available Open Access.


‘First View’ and other journal developments in 2022

The article’s publication marks an important new direction for the Society’s journal in its 150th anniversary year.

‘First View’ means that new journal content will now be available soon after acceptance and completion, and need not wait until the publication of Transactions as an annual print volume each November.

Dr Hyde’s ‘Popular Propaganda’ is also the first submitted article to be published following the journal’s opening up to all historians in 2021. Previously, Transactions content had comprised lectures and papers delivered at events hosted by the RHS.

The Society will continue to publish articles based on recent lectures and events (and you’ll soon find examples on ‘First View’, beginning with Dr Katrina Navickas’s ‘The Contested Right of Public Meeting in England from the Bill of Rights to the Public Order Acts’), to which submitted content will now be added.


Submitting your article to Transactions

We now welcome submission of articles, for peer review, from historians worldwide working across all fields of history. If you’re finishing an article, please do consider Transactions as a journal to which you submit.

Completed articles may be submitted here for review by the journal’s Editors and Editorial Board.



New look for annual volumes of Transactions

Annual volumes of Transactions will continue to appear, online and in print, each November. In its 150th year, the journal will — for the first time — appear in paperback and with a new cover design. More details of this shortly.

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society is published by Cambridge University Press, now via its ‘First View’ option.