RHS Call for Additional Nominations to REF 2021 History Sub-Panel

25 February 2020

REF 2021 is now inviting nominating bodies to put forward names for additional members, including both output and impact assessors, of the History sub-panel. These are to cover the specific areas of expertise listed below (although sub-panellists are also expected to read outputs outside their specialisms). The RHS is a recognised nominating body to REF, having passed an Equality and Diversity audit, and will submit a set of nominations for these positions.

Following the REFs suspension of its deadline for nominations to the REF sub-panel, and the disruptive circumstances of the last few weeks, the RHS has decided to extend its own call deadline for nominations to the panel.

We have already received a significant number of nominations for most of the positions on the sub-panel and we do not wish to keep this process open indefinitely.  Therefore, the RHS has decided to extend the deadline for its call for nominations to the REF sub-panel to 3 April 2020.  After this a virtual working group will review the nominations and those which are endorsed will be uploaded to the REF website.

We would particularly welcome further nominations for the assessor positions in East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American history; and for indications as to if the nominee would also be willing to serve as a second Interdisciplinary Research advisor on the sub-panel.   Nominations are also being sought for sub-panel members and impact assessors who are research users.

Members are therefore requested to send nominations for consideration for inclusion in the RHS list to Prof Jonathan Morris, Vice President for Research Policy at vice-presidentjm@royalhistsoc.org  stating the role for which they are nominating the individual and confirming that the nominee has consented to the nomination.

Ideally nominations should be accompanied by 2 or 3 sentences indicating the nature of the nominee’s work in relation to the specific position, any relevant professional experience, and whether they engage in interdisciplinary activities.

Please note that the RHS will not consider self-nominations, nor nominations from individuals from the same institution as the nominee.

  • The Society will set up a small working group to consider the nominations received and submit a final list.
  • Nominations received by the Society put forward when the first round of sub-panel appointments was made in 2018, will automatically be reconsidered.
  • The RHS will pay close attention to equality and diversity in relation to the characteristics of both the individuals nominated and the institutions from which they are drawn.
  • The Society would particularly welcome panellists from BAME backgrounds, small units, and those based at HEIs outside England.
  • The Society will avoid nominating from institutions already represented on the sub-panel wherever possible.

Due to very short turn-around times all nominations must be received by 3 April 2020.