‘The Politics of Women’s Suffrage’: latest title published in RHS New Historical Perspectives series

15 November 2021

The latest volume in the Society’s ‘New Historical Perspectives’ book series is now available. The Politics of Women’s Suffrage. Local, National and International Dimensions, edited by Dr Alexandra Hughes-Johnson and Dr Lyndsey Jenkins.

This new essay collection re-situates the suffrage cause first and foremost as a political movement. Women’s political claims were inseparable from other contemporary political debates around home rule, workers’ rights, imperial relationships and male suffrage. But women’s politics did not only take place in the parliamentary chamber, the town meeting or the street corner.

Rather, politics was embedded in women’s everyday lives. Women’s activism was linked to their life experiences and negotiated in relation to other commitments, including family obligations, friendship networks, and the demands of paid work and domestic labour.

You can read more about the collection, from Alexandra and Lyndsey, on the RHS blog, Historical Transactions.

The Politics of Women’s Suffrage is now available as a free Open Access download from the University of London Press, and chapter-by-chapter from JSTOR Open Access.

Print editions are also available to purchase, currently with a 30% discount: in the UK, EU & ROW using the code VOTES30 from here; and in North America via University of Chicago Press using code RHSNHP30 from here.

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HEADER IMAGE: WSPU activists sending a letter to Herbert Asquith, 8 September 1911, The Camellia Collections V600 F33. Reproduced with kind permission from The Camellia Collections.