Gender Equality

Women Graduates Waving. Photo courtesy of Women’s History Scotland

The RHS is committed to ending gender inequality in the historical profession, and has undertaken a number of initiatives on the issue. In 2015 we published a report on Gender Equality & Historians in UK Higher Education, which has been widely cited in ongoing debates about gender in higher education. The report identified a series of barriers to gender equality, both formal and informal. It also included a set of recommendations for action, both in colleges and universities and across the profession in journals, learned societies and conferences.

Now, as the RHS enters its 150th anniversary year, we are working on a follow-up report to find out whether things have change and, if so, what has worked. Our second report on Gender Equality will be published in Autumn 2018. You can read more on our blog, Historical Transactions, and please fill-in (and circulate) our survey before 20 April 2018.


RHS Gender Equality Working Group:
Prof. Nicola Miller (UCL), Chair
Prof. Ken Fincham (Kent), RHS Vice-President for Education Policy
Prof. Margot Finn (UCL), RHS President
Dr Sarah Holland (History Lab Plus)
Dr Christopher Kissane (LSE), RHS Research & Communications
Prof. Mary Vincent (Sheffield), former RHS Vice-President for Research Policy