RHS Advocacy

Amya Petitioning Faustus for the Custody of Saint Mamas ca. 1543.


The need for historians to be supported, and for History to be understood and practised well, is now more important than ever.

Our advocacy work takes place at a range of levels: individual, departmental, sector and discipline. Much of this work takes place confidentially following an approach to the RHS and discussion at our Council. If you have a matter –relating to the future of historical practice or History — that you’d like to bring to the our attention, please contact the Academic Director.

The Society also works with partner organisations in supporting the historical profession and championing History as a discipline. Recent public statements have included calls for the UK Government to clarify its position on funding for historical research and concern at recent closures of History departments in UK departments, especially at post-92 institutions.

Further statements on these and other disciplinary concerns are made via contributions to the media and commissioned posts on the RHS blog, Historical Transactions. Journalists wishing to contact the RHS should can do so via: administration@royalhistsoc.org.

The Society does not normally comment in public (e.g. through social media) on situations such as industrial disputes or redundancy decisions, particularly when these are the province of trade unions. A fuller comment on Public Statements is available here.