Petros Spanou

RHS Centenary Fellow, 2021-22

Petros Spanou is an RHS Centenary Fellow, 2021-22, held jointly with the Institute of Historical Research, University of London. Petros’s 6-month Fellowship runs from January to June 2022.

As a Centenary Fellow, Petros will complete his PhD entitled: ‘The Crimean moment and crucible: just war, principles of peace and debates in Victorian wartime thought and culture, 1854-1856’.

Petros’s research examines the complex ways in which the idea of just war and the principles of the British peace movement framed important, yet hitherto overlooked, religious, intellectual, political and cultural debates during the Crimean War. Where earlier historians have studied the war intensively as an episode in diplomatic and military history, Petros seeks to advance fresh perspectives on the war’s cultural impact and place in Victorian consciousness.