Dr Philip Carter

Academic Director

Philip is Academic Director at the Royal Historical Society. He is responsible for the academic and research elements of the Society’s programme, and works closely with both the RHS Council and central office team. Philip’s remit includes policy and advocacy work, events, prizes, publishing and publisher relations, digital and communications, institutional partnerships, and the Society’s Library and Archive.

Prior to joining the RHS in 2021, Philip was Director of Digital and Publishing, and a Senior Lecturer in British History, at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London (2016-21), and Senior Editor for the Dictionary of National Biography at Oxford University (2010-16), where he now holds an associate editorship.

Trained as a historian of Hanoverian Britain, Philip’s current research looks at the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century development of national centres for History, including the Royal Historical Society and the Institute of Historical Research, where he has been a Senior Fellow since 2021. Philip is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (2002) and of the Society of Antiquaries (2023).