Professor Emma Griffin

Emma Griffin is Professor of Modern British History at the University of East Anglia, and researches on the social and economic history of Britain during the period 1700-1870, with a particular interest in gender history, the industrial revolution, and working-class life. She is the author of several books, her most recent publication being Bread Winner. An Intimate History of the Victorian Economy (Yale University Press, 2020). Emma is editor pf Historical Journal – the journal of the Historical Association. and  is a frequent contributor to radio and television, having written and presented several Radio 4 documentaries on diverse aspects of her research, from the history of foxhunting, to the industrial revolution, to the gender pay gap and its history. She was a historical advisor for the Channel 4 drama, The Mill and co-presented ‘The Real Mill’ with Tony Robinson on More4, and has appeared as an expert contributor on several radio and television programmes, including BBC1’s Why do you Think You Are? and Radio 4’s In Our Time.