New RHS Councillors and other appointments

29 September 2021

New appointments to the RHS Council

The Society is very pleased to announce three new members of its Council, following the conclusion of this year’s elections. The new councillors elected by the Fellowship are Dr Stefan Bauer (King’s College, London), Professor Caitriona Beaumont (London South Bank University) and Dr Emilie Murphy (University of York). Stefan, Caitriona and Emilie will begin as RHS Councillors from January 2022. Thank you to all those who stood for election this year; to those who supported their candidacies; and all who participated in the election.

Dr Stefan Bauer is Lecturer in Early Modern World History at King’s College, London.

“My sincere thanks to those who have supported me in this election. I will be honoured to serve on the Council, where I will be pleased to collaborate with the Trustees and the central team, not only bringing in my own ideas, but also representing the ideas of colleagues and others who care about the roles of History in research, education and public discourse. I am particularly interested in the Society’s international collaborations and in its editorial projects, with the Transactions currently extending its scale and scope.”

Professor Caitriona Beaumont is Professor of History and Director of Research at London South Bank University.

“Thank you, Royal Historical Society Fellows, for electing me to the Society’s Council. Over the next four years I will work to promote the study of history across UK HE, particularly in post 92s, whether as stand-alone degrees or embedded as part of other courses. I will also prioritise the expansion of support available to history academics, including ECRs, and colleagues with caring responsibilities and/or disabilities, so that the everyday experience of being a historian is enhanced.”

Dr Emilie Murphy is Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of York.

“Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me, I am delighted that so many of you also want to see wider participation within our discipline and change within our departments. I am excited about the contribution I can make to the advocacy work of the RHS and I hope to use this platform to fight more effectively against exploitative and discriminatory short-term contracts. As promised, I will also campaign for Members of the RHS to have a voice in council to enfranchise the next generation.”


Secretary for Professional Engagement, RHS Council

We are also very pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Julian Wright (Northumbria University) as the Society’s Secretary for Professional Engagement, following our recent application round for this new position. Julian will join the Council from January 2022 as an Officer of the Society, with responsibility for developing our programme of training, advice and career development for historians.

Professor Julian Wright is a historian of modern Europe at Northumbria University.

“‘Connections’ is the theme that will underpin my work as Secretary for Professional Engagement: connecting historians through networks of mutual support and development; connecting regional communities of historians; building connections to other disciplines and professions; making connections between ideas and research come to life in historians’ careers. I’m really excited to be working with the Society to bring these connections to life and joining the council at this exciting stage of the Society’s development.”


RHS / IHR Research Fellows, 2021-22

It is a great pleasure to introduce and welcome this year’s RHS Centenary and Marshall Fellows—Dan Armstrong (St Andrews), Humaira Chowdhury (Cambridge), Sonali Dhanpal (Newcastle) and Petros Spanou (Oxford)—who will complete their doctoral research in 2021-22. The Fellowships are held in association with the Institute of Historical Research, and we look forward to working with Dan, Humaira, Sonali and Petros as they pursue their research in the coming year.

Dan Armstrong (St Andrews) for PhD research on ‘Anglo-Papal Relations, c.1066-c.1135’.

Dan’s Centenary Fellowship at the RHS and IHR runs from October 2021 to March 2022.


Humaira Chowdhury (Cambridge) for PhD research on the social and economic history of Muslim tailors (darzis) in Calcutta, 1947-67.

Humaira’s Marshall Fellowship at the RHS and IHR runs from October 2021 to March 2022.


Sonali Dhanpal (Newcastle) for PhD research on late-19th and early 20th-century Bangalore, for a PhD entitled ‘Contested Bangalore: Caste, colonial and princely politics’.

Sonali’s Marshall Fellowship at the RHS and IHR runs from October 2021 to March 2022.


Petros Spanou (Oxford) for PhD research on ‘The Crimean moment and crucible: just war, principles of peace and debates in Victorian wartime thought and culture, 1854-1856’.

Petros’s Centenary Fellowship at the RHS and IHR runs from January to June 2022.

The RHS Marshall Fellowship is fully funded by a charitable donation from a former RHS President, Professor Peter Marshall, to whom we are very grateful for his generosity. The Society has recently set up a Support Us page. All donations, large and small, are reserved to support historians at the start of their careers and are very gratefully received.


Other ways to participate in the Society’s work

There are currently several calls for Society Fellows to take part in the Society’s programme of activities:

Future calls for participation in the Society’s work will appear on the News page and Twitter: @RoyalHistSoc.