New Members and Fellows – July 2019

24 September 2019

At its meeting in July 2019 RHS Council elected 45 Fellows, 15 Members, and 20 Postgraduate Members, a total of 80 in all. These new members were formally welcomed to the Society at Professor Penny Roberts’ RHS Lecture on Friday 20 September 2019.

We are pleased to report that over half of the new Fellows elected were women, and that equal numbers of men and women were elected to the Membership and Postgraduate Membership. In terms of geographical distribution, our new members come from around the UK, as well as Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan and the USA. While the majority of the new Fellows hold academic appointments at universities, specializing in a very wide range of fields, this is by no means the case for all. Fellows elected on this occasion include archivists, educational and heritage consultants, and the director of a policy centre. This diversity of interests, reflects the Society’s aim of recognising the vital contribution to historical scholarship made by those in other professions.

The new Members also have a wide variety of historical interests. All those newly elected to the Fellowship, Membership and Postgraduate Membership bring a valuable range of expertise and experience that will enrich the Society and help it to fulfil its objective of representing the diverse body of scholars engaged in historical scholarship.

Our next deadline for Society Fellowship and Membership is 7 October. Additional information can be found here.


Gemma Allen
Dayna Barnes
Tobias Becker
Matthew Bingham
Luke Blaxill
Hilary Carey
Jeng-Guo Chen
Rebekah Clements
Pamela Clemit
Guillemette Crouzet
Judith Curthoys
Johanna Dale
Jennifer Davey
Coleman Dennehy
Karey Draper
Hugo Drochon
Katherine East
Margaret Ezell
Anna Greenwood
Ryan Hanley
Katherine Harloe
Catherine Hindson
Natasha Hodgson
Tom Hulme
David Jordan
Louise Kettle
Miles Larmer
Grace Lees-Maffei
Victoria Leonard
Michael Maddison
Kirsten McKenzie
Dwayne Menezes
Emily Michelson
Cai Parry-Jones
Stephen Sandford
Sally Sheard
John Slight
Diana Spencer
Michael Talbot
Clare Taylor
Seth Thevoz
Boris Volodarsky
Rob Waters
Keira Williams
Man Kong Wong


Rosamaria Alibrandi
Matteo Bonifacio
David Brazendale
Timothy Causer
Bettina De Cosnac
Esther Freeman
Marion Gibson
Alexander Hutton
Caroline Laske
Neil Murphy
Edward Reid-Smith
Lucy Santos
Uttara Shahani
Swati Shastri
Shutaro Takeda

Postgraduate Membership

Jordan Beavis
Hillary Burlock
Jane Campbell
Rodney Curtis
Steven Driver
Helen Esfandiary
Catherine Freeman
Meira Gold
Nathan Hazlehurst
Tyler Herber
Otis Illert
Kate Lawton
Peter Morgan-Barnes
JC Niala
Mary Ononokpono
Oliver Parken
Beatrice Pestarino
Edwin Rose
Dilara Scholz
Fabio Simonetti


Image: New Fellows at the RHS, 20 Sept 2019 (Credit: Grace Lees-Maffei / Oleg Benesch)