New Members and Fellows – December 2019

18 February 2020

At its meeting on 6 December 2019 the RHS Council elected 79 Fellows and 36 Members, a total of 114. These new members were formally welcomed to the Society at Dr Andrew Arsan’s RHS Lecture on Friday 7 February 2020.

The RHS also formally launched its new Early Career Membership category. More details about this scheme are here.

Women comprised forty-five percent of the new Fellows and fifty-eight percent of those elected to the Membership. In terms of geographical distribution, our new members are based both in various parts of the UK and around the globe – in Australia, Canada, China, India, and the USA.

The majority of the new Fellows hold academic appointments at universities, specializing in a very wide range of fields; but also include a broadcaster, a properties historian, and an academic librarian. The new Members also have a wide variety of historical interests, including those employed in universities, school teachers, an archivist, an historic environment record project officer, an author of historic tours scenarios, and a rare books curator.

All those newly elected to the Fellowship and Membership bring a valuable range of expertise and experience that will help the Society to fulfil its objective of representing the diverse body of those engaged in historical scholarship.



John Allison
Karen Bauer
Chiara Beccalossi
Ann Benson
Sara Bernard
Nandini Bhattacharya
Elleke Boehmer
Keagan Brewer
Adam Bronson
Luc-André Brunet
Barbara Burmna
Valerie Burton
Mike Carr
Alison Carrol
Michael Carter
Vinayak Chaturvedi
Sabine Clarke
Christopher Colvin
Matt Cook
Kate Cooper
Adam Crymble
Selena Daly
Santanu Das
Filippo De Vivo
Mario Draper
Fiona Edmonds
Marion Gibson
Daniel Grey
Vivienne Xiangwei Guo
Duncan Hardy
Sally Holloway
John Howlett
Jason Kelly
Prashant Kidambi
Andrew Kloes
Jane Lawson
Christopher Lee
Leni Liapi
Daniel Livesay
Anne Logan
Jessica Lutkin
Dolly Mackinnon
Neil Maher
Craig Mantle
Lucinda Matthews-Jones
Steven Maughan
Lynn McDonald
Richard McKay
Jeffrey Meriwether
Alex Mold
Julia Moses
Samuel Moyn
Catriona Murray
David Olusoga
John Owen
Timothy Peacock
Frederik Pedersen
Guy Perry
Kennetta Hammond Perry
Nick Piercey
Anna Plassart
Ronald C Po
Justin Pollard
James Poskett
George Douglas Pratt
Volker Prott
Naomi Pullin
Andrew Ralston
John Rees
Edward Roberts
David Rundle
Juliet Simpson
Michael Smith
Noémi Tousignant
Angus Vine
Stephanie Ward
Elizabeth May Williams
Ian Worthington
Karin Wulf



Stefan Aloszko
Charles Anderson
Julie Beniams
Marina Bezzi
James Buckman
Jane Card
Luke Daly-Groves
Elizabeth Eger
Allegra Fryxell
Tim Glasby
Andrew Godefroy
Laura Hampden
Katarzyna Hollis
Sharon Howard
Robert Hughes-Mullock
Ian Hunter
Mojlum Khan
Umesh Khute
Lucy Kilfoyle
Cora Knowles
Maria Kostaridou
Jack Lennon
Anthony Lewis
Teng Li
Alba Lopez
Felicity Loughlin
Rose Luminiello
Robert Mackinnon
Hilary Mclaughlin-Stonham
Eoghan Moloney
Jo Ann Moran Cruz
Elizabeth Olusoga
Nicola Pickering
Evgeniya Postovalova
Robert Power
Helen Rutherford
Chander Shekhar
Mallikarjun Shetty
Donald Spaeth
Christopher Zembe