48 new Associate Fellows and Postgraduate Members elected to the Society

20 December 2021

In November 2021, the RHS introduced two additional membership categories — Associate Fellowship and Postgraduate Membership — creating new ways to join the RHS and its international community of 4500 historians. We’re delighted that the first sets of Associate Fellows and Postgraduate Members have now been elected to the RHS. We welcome them all to the Society.

Associate Fellowship recognises individuals within Higher Education who’ve made a notable contribution to historical knowledge (for example, with a completed PhD thesis or first set of articles) but have not (yet) reached the level required for election to the Fellowship.

Associate Fellowship also recognises those active in sectors other than HE—including heritage, conservation, libraries and archives, teaching, publishing, broadcasting, and community and public history—whose contribution to history is equally significant but previously was not adequately recognised within the Society’s Fellowship structure.

The Society’s second new category of Postgraduate Membership is open to all those currently enrolled for a further degree (MA and above) in history or a related discipline, in the UK or overseas, and for the duration of the university course, plus one year.

The next application round to join the RHS (as a Fellow, Associate Fellow, Member or Postgraduate) closes on Monday 10 January 2022. Further details of the categories and how to apply are available here.


New RHS Associate Fellows, elected December 2021

  • Mou Banerjee
  • Isabelle Carter
  • Louise Clare
  • Joseph Cochran
  • Rob DeGeorge
  • Heidi Egginton
  • Monica Fernandes
  • Mark Geldof
  • Louise Griffiths
  • Daniel Jones
  • Mohammed Mahmuduzzaman
  • Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth
  • Nicole Moffatt
  • James Parker
  • Annette Rubery
  • Helen Sunderland
  • Hope Walker
  • David Walmsley


New RHS Postgraduate Members, elected December 2021

  • Caitlin Adams
  • Waseem Ahmed
  • Sandra Anderson
  • Dogukan Atmaca
  • Jess Ayres
  • Diane Budden
  • Julie Bungey
  • Erin Burrows
  • Diego Castaneda Garza
  • Roy Clinton
  • Rosalind Crocker
  • Ying Dai
  • Doris Duhennois
  • Simon Feasey
  • Lucy Holehouse
  • Iwona Lilly
  • Alana Rachel McPake
  • Kelly McRae
  • Nathan Meades
  • Rachel Millar
  • Elisabeth Mjaaland
  • William Rees
  • John Russell
  • Anisha Sawhney
  • Dana Scott
  • Patricia Silver-Warner
  • Johanna Strong
  • Erin Tilley
  • Joao Viegas
  • Xiang Wei


Early Career Members

With the latest election of members to the Society, we also welcome 19 historians to the Early Career Membership. From November 2021, the ECR category has been replaced with a choice of Associate Fellowship or Postgraduate Membership.

  • Susan Birch
  • Sophie Dubillot
  • Laura Fontana
  • Jonathan Gration
  • Nicholas Hawkins
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Seoyoung Kim
  • Edward Longe
  • Colm Murphy
  • Roman Osharov Aleksandrovich
  • Emerson Richards-Hoppe
  • Daniel Rignall
  • Sarah Slaughter
  • Emily Louisa Smith
  • Neil Suchak
  • Adele Sykes
  • Amanda Taylor
  • Tyler Wentzell
  • Ellen Whitton



HEADER IMAGE: ‘Innere Ansicht des Deutschen Volks Winter Gartens. 45 Bowery, New York’, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, public domain