London International Palaeography Summer School

4 March 2020

The London International Palaeography Summer School (LIPSS) at the Institute of English Studies, University of London is now accepting applications for its summer programme. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until a course is full.Running from 8-12 June 2020, LIPSS is a series of intensive courses in Palaeography and Manuscript Studies. Courses range from a half to two days duration and are given by experts in their respective fields from a wide range of institutions.Please see the full list of 2020 courses and tutors below:

Monday 8 June

  • Introduction to Latin Palaeography (Dr Marigold Norbye)
  • Introduction to Palaeography Of Early Medieval England (Dr Debby Banham)
  • Introduction to Arabic Scientific Manuscripts (Dr Bink Hallum)
  • Italian Palaeography I: The Book in Italy (400 A.D. – 1400 A.D.) (Dr Matilde Malaspina)
  • Reading and Editing Renaissance English Manuscripts (Dr Chris Stamatakis)
  • Introduction to Codicology (Dr James Freeman)

Tuesday 9 June

  • Intermediate Latin Palaeography (Dr Marigold Norbye)
  • Insular Caroline Scripts (Dr Colleen Curran)
  • Middle English Palaeography (Professor Anthony Edwards)
  • Italian Palaeography II: The Development of Informal Cursive Hands (1200AD-1550) (Dr Laura Nuvoloni)
  • Introduction to English Palaeography 1500-1900 (Mr Christopher Whittick)
  • Introduction to Cataloguing Medieval Manuscripts (Dr James Freeman)

Wednesday 10 June

  • Editing from Manuscripts (Dr Daniel Hadas) (half-day am)
  • Transcribing and Editing Manuscripts: Palaeography after 1700 (Dr Wim Van Mierlo) (half-day pm)
  • Women Patrons, Scribes, and Makers of Medieval Mannuscripts. MSS (Professor Clare Lees)
  • German Palaeography (Dr Dorothea McEwan and Dr Claudia Wedepohl)
  • Italian Palaeography III: The Humanistic Reform and the Italian Book in Vernacular (1300AD-1550AD) (Dr Laura Nuvoloni and Dr Matilde Malaspina)
  • English Palaeography: Records of Criminal Justice 1650-1800 (Mr Christopher Whittick)
  • Codicology and Cataloguing: A Hands-on Workshop (Dr James Freeman and Mr Peter Kidd)

Thursday 11 June

  • Introduction to Greek Palaeography I (Dr Laura Franco)
  • The Book of Kells and its Contemporaries (Dr Carol Farr)
  • Liturgical and Devotional Manuscripts I (Dr Jenny Stratford and Dr Rowan Watson)
  • Medieval Philosophical and Scientific Manuscripts (Dr Anna Somfai)
  • Probate Records and the Historian, 1500-1858 (Mr Christopher Whittick)
  • How Manuscripts Were Made (Ms Patricia Lovett)

Friday 12 June

  • Introduction to Greek Palaeography II (Dr Laura Franco)
  • Bilingual Manuscripts in England, c.950-1200 (Dr Francisco J. Alvarez)
  • Cognitive Elements of Medieval Manuscript Layouts (Dr Anna Somfai)
  • The Development of Penflourishing (Dr Cynthia Johnston and Dr Lynda Dennison)
  • Early Modern English Palaeography 1500-1700 (Dr Nigel Ramsay)
  • Illumination Masterclass (Ms Patricia Lovett)
  • Liturgical and Devotional Manuscripts II (Dr Jenny Stratford and Dr Rowan Watson)

Courses fees range from Half-Day fees of £50 (standard) and £45 (student), to Five-Day fees of £450 (standard) and £400 (student).

The full breakdown of fees, application form and further information can be found at the LIPSS homepage or through the link

Questions can be directed to