Honorary Treasurer

4 December 2018

Would you like to contribute to the future success of History in the UK? 

The Royal Historical Society is seeking to appoint a new Honorary Treasurer to succeed Professor Sarah Hamilton, who will demit office in November 2019. We expect to make this appointment by May 2019 so that the new Honorary Treasurer can shadow the current incumbent.

Skills required

An accountancy qualification is not necessary (the Society employs a full-time Executive Secretary who conducts day-to-day finances and works with the Honorary Secretary), but familiarity with reading spreadsheets is essential and you will need to be willing to learn to work with a cloud-based accounting system. You must also be a Fellow of the Society, since the role involves guiding the Trustees (the Members of Council).

Main tasks
The Honorary Treasurer:

  • Ensures the Society meets the statutory requirements for Charities, and keeps abreast of changes in regulation (through liaising with and being advised by the auditors about any changes in reporting requirements, reviewing the Charity Commission website for guidance, keeping abreast of the news, etc) and update Trustees about their responsibilities. This further includes:
    • Ensuring the Society meets the statutory requirements for employment of individuals (HMRC regulations, pensions changes etc, through liaising with and being advised by the auditors; working with the Executive Secretary who is updated on changes by HMRC etc);
    • Overseeing and liaising with the Executive Secretary and auditors on preparation for audit and production of annual financial accounts;
    • Drafting the Trustees’ Reports and the Finance Committee’s section of the annual report.
  • Acts as the Society’s main contact with our investment managers, supported by the co-opted members of Council and the President; reviews regular reports, setting of investment policies etc.
  • Takes the lead on financial planning, liaising with the Society’s Officers, Vice-Presidents and Presidents on an annual basis to draft a 3–year financial plan for approval each year. This includes:
    • Monitoring spending against in-year plan, with the support of the Executive Secretary;
    • Liaising with the President, Officers and Chairs of sub-committees and the Executive Secretary around major in-year expenditure.
  • Works closely with the Executive Secretary, who has all day-to-day responsibility for book-keeping, using the cloud-based accounting system, Xero.

Time commitment:
Most of the tasks can be done remotely, but the Honorary Treasurer attends all Council meetings, the Finance Committee and other sub-committees ex officio. These are held at the Society’s rooms in University College London on Fridays (five annual meetings in February, May, July, September and November). The role also involves one day in June to prepare for audit and at least one full-day elsewhere in the year to liaise with the auditors or investment managers, with the President and with the Executive Secretary who is based in the London Office.   Further meetings may be necessary. All travel expenses are covered by the Society.

The Society is committed to equality for all and welcomes enquiries from Fellows anywhere in the UK and of whatever academic standing.

If you might be interested, please contact Vice-President Professor Frances Andrews (fea [at] st-andrews.ac.uk) in the first instance. All enquiries to be received by 31 January 2019 latest.