Bronach Kane, Gender in the History Profession: the Early Career Perspective

2 December 2014

Bronach Kane

Bronach Kane

Paper by Bronach Kane for the RHS Gender Equality seminars – UCL, 18 Sept 2014 and Glasgow University, 17 November 2014:

I offer these comments from my perspective as a medieval historian of gender and sexuality, who is reaching the tail end of the early career stage. I was appointed last year to a permanent lectureship at Cardiff University, but over the past five years, I have held several post-doctoral fellowships and temporary research posts, and have taught both at Russell Group and post-1992 universities, so I feel that I speak from a wide range of experience here.

Despite the efforts of many institutions to develop and improve gender policies, a number of systemic problems remain within academia and the History profession, that centre around the representation and advancement of female academics at various stages of their careers. The influence of gender on academic progression ranges from hiring to promotions, and from workload issues to research activity. Considered separately, these practices can appear subtle and minor, but experienced cumulatively they have far-reaching consequences for men and women in the profession.


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