‘Futures for the History Journal: Reflections & Projections’

15 December 2022

RHS Panel — ‘Futures for the History Journal’,

6 December 2022



Journals have long been, and remain, central to the communication of historical research. As a publishing form, History journals have proved remarkably durable, with developments typically taking place within an established framework of article types and formats. At the same time, the very recent history of History (and other) journals points to quickening and more disruptive change — most notably in terms of online access and publishing models; but also with reference to innovations of form, tone and purpose.

In this panel, UK and US historians associated with leading journals (as editors, publishers, innovators, authors and readers) consider the extent, impact and possible outcomes of these recent changes. The event marks both the 150th anniversary, and the 2022 rebrand, of the Society’s own journal, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society.


  • Kate Smith: University of Birmingham and co-editor of Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. 
  • Harshan Kumarasingham: University of Edinburgh and co-editor of Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. 
  • Sarah Knott: Indiana University and a former Associate and Acting Editor of the American Historical Review.
  • Georgia Priestley: Publisher, History Journals for Cambridge University Press.
  • Karin Wulf: Director and Librarian, John Carter Brown Library, and Professor of History at Brown University, Rhode Island.
  • Emma Griffin (chair): President of the Royal Historical Society and a former editor of the Historical Journal (2017-21).


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