Fellowships for Early Career Historians

Twenty-five bust portraits of famous scholars, 16th century, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, public domain


The Society funds a series of Fellowships for historians at doctoral and postdoctoral level.


Centenary & Marshall Fellowships

Our annual Centenary Fellowship and Marshall Fellowship provide support for historians who are completing a PhD. Recipients hold the fellowships at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR), University of London.

The Centenary and Marshall Fellowships are awarded for either 6 or 12 months and include training and preparation for work after completion of the doctorate. Applications for the next round of Centenary and Marshall Fellowships, 2022-3, take place via the Institute of Historical Research.


Past & Present Fellowship: Race, Ethnicity & Equality in History

Our Past & Present Fellowship: Race, Ethnicity & Equality in History is held jointly at the Society and the Institute of Historical Research, University of London. The Fellowship is a two-year award, generously co-funded by the Past & Present Society.

The Fellowship allows the holder to work half-time on a postdoctoral project in the history of race, ethnicity and equality, and half-time to support the Society’s work in this area of advocacy and research. The current Past & Present Fellow, 2020-22, is Dr Diya Gupta.


Early Career Fellowship Grants

In December 2020, the Society introduced its Early Career Fellowship Grants to assist researchers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Fellowship Grants of up to £2000 support career-building research or activities in the post-PhD period, and are intended to facilitate a discrete project, such as a monograph proposal or first article. Grants are made several time a year.