Writing histories of 2020: responses and perspectives

Date / time: 29 July, 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Writing histories of 2020: responses and perspectives

‘Writing histories of 2020: responses and perspectives’

The IHR Historical Research Lecture, supported by Oxford University Press

Booking: https://www.history.ac.uk/events/hr-lecture-2020

How might future historians seek to write the history of 2020 and how should today’s historians and record keepers prepare the ground for this task?

The IHR’s 2020 Historical Research lecture looks at current events from the perspective of four leading modern historians.-

  • Professor Claire Langhamer (Professor of Modern British History and Trustee of the Mass Observation Archive, Sussex University)
  • Professor Kevin Siena (Trent University, Ontario, and a historian of early modern disease and contagion)
  • Professor Richard Vinen (Professor of History, King’s College London, and a specialist in contemporary history)
  • Professor Jo Fox (Director, Institute of Historical Research and Professor of Modern History, University of London, chair)

Our panel will approach ‘2020’ from the perspectives of the contemporary historian, the specialist in historical and contemporary record-keeping; and the historian of earlier, comparable episodes for which histories have now been written.