Warwickshire’s Changing Past – deadline 16 September 2019

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Dugdale Society Centenary Conference: Warwickshire’s Changing Past

16 May 2020 at the Shakespeare Centre, Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon

The Dugdale Society promotes the study of the history of Warwickshire, in particular by publishing the texts of historical documents. The society is named after the great historian of the county, Sir William Dugdale (1605-86), but is concerned not just with the themes that he studied, but with Warwickshire’s history in all its varieties and periods.

In 2020 the Dugdale Society will celebrate its hundredth year. The Society is marking the occasion by holding a conference on ‘Warwickshire’s changing past’, which will focus on changes in the subject matter, approaches and interpretations of the history of the county (or parts of the county) since 1920.

The organising committee welcomes proposals for papers. These should provide a title, a 100-word summary, and a brief (one page) CV of the speaker. Proposals should be received as soon as possible and no later than Monday, 16 September, 2019. The committee will respond as soon as possible and no later than a month.

The Society expects that the proceedings of the conference will be published by a major international publisher, as was the case with its last conference held in 2006. Accordingly papers offered to this conference should not have been published elsewhere, and should not be offered to another publisher.

Further details:

We are looking for papers which will contribute to the overall theme of the conference, and should examine the various ways that our understanding of the history of Warwickshire has evolved, changed, been rewritten or discovered in the last 100 years, often reflecting more general developments in the subject. Papers might deal with such topics as the history of women, urban history, changes in approaches to the Reformation, Civil War, the gentry, or the agricultural revolution. Relatively recent events and trends, such as World War II, large scale immigration or the development in curating archives would be suitable subjects. We invite would-be speakers to meet the challenge of identifying changes in perceptions of particular periods, such as the middle ages or the nineteenth century. Those who wish to focus on small scale subjects, dealing with particular places, individuals, or groups of people are also encouraged to propose papers, providing that they connect with the general theme of the day. We hope that the papers, while covering a variety of subjects, will form a coherent whole, giving readers a sense of the state of Warwickshire’s history as it has developed.

The time allocated to each paper will be 35 minutes (including questions), but some are planned to last 20 minutes. The Dugdale Society will reimburse each speaker’s reasonable travelling expenses, and will provide a lunch and a fee of £40.

The authors of papers judged to be of sufficient interest, but which because of considerations of time cannot be delivered orally at the conference, may be invited to offer them for inclusion in the planned book.

Proposals for papers (preferably in electronic form) and any enquiries about the conference should be sent to The Secretary, Dugdale Society, c/o Shakespeare Centre, Henley Street, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 6QW and/or to dugdale-society@hotmail.co.uk