‘The Art Market Past and Present: Lessons for the Future?’ one-day conference

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Date / time: 31 October, All day


'The Art Market Past and Present:  Lessons for the Future?' one-day conference

A one-day conference on relations between the art market in history and the art market today, organized by Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London, and The Burlington Magazine. The aim of this joint conference is to explore critically what the history of the art market can teach us about the behaviour of the art market today, and vice-versa. We hope to bring together historians of the art market working on a wide range of historical periods and places, and utilising varying methodologies, and to engage them in creative dialogue, via thematic groupings, with present-day art market experts of different kinds. We hope that a wide range of expertise and interests will be represented from both the past and the present dimensions of this subject.

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