Soundscapes in the Early Modern World

Soundscapes in the Early Modern World


5 July - 9 July    
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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This event will be held online, hosted by Liverpool John Moores University.

The history of the senses and the emotions has become a rapidly expanding field in recent years; in early modern studies, these developments segue with a growing interest in how sounds shaped everyday life. The experience of sound may be ephemeral, but its very transience highlights how acoustic ecology is relational, phenomenological and specific to its environment. Which sounds are made, how they are made, what spaces these sounds occupy, how they are listened to, and how they are heard, connect to wider questions about agency, identity and interaction. This interdisciplinary conference, the last in a series of events organised by the Soundscapes in the Early Modern World research network, brings together scholars working in the fields of sound studies and early modern studies to interrogate historic sounds and agency.

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