Sociability in Early Modern Britain, c. 1500-1700: Who? Where? When? Why?

Date / time: 4 July, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Sociability in Early Modern Britain, c. 1500-1700: Who? Where? When? Why?

We warmly welcome you to this syposium to be held on Thursday 4 July 2019 at the European Research Institute, University of Birmingham

Sociability in Early Modern Britain, c. 1500-1700: Who? Where? When Why?

Proceedings will begin at 10am and the day will end at 5.30pm with a wine reception. This event is free to attend: lunch, tea and coffee, and a wine reception afterwards are provided.The keynote speaker is Phil Withington, Professor in Social and Cultural History at the University of Sheffield. He will be giving a paper titled ‘The politics of sociability: the view from Robert Hooke’s diary’.

The panels are:

Panel 1: Gender and sociability.

  • Naomi Pullin, University of Warwick, ‘Civil Adversaries: The Negative Sociability of Women in Early Modern Britain’.
  • Elena Johnson, University of Sheffield, ‘“I was wont to have sober boorders in my house”: the selfish sociability of the landlady in seventeenth century stage comedies’.
  • William Tullett, Anglia Ruskin University, ‘Bodies in the Belfry: Sociability, Gender, and Control, c.1734/5’.

Panel 2: Religion and sociability

  • Anna Fielding, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Dinner Games across the Table’.
  • Susan Orlik, University of Birmingham, ‘Sociability in the Early Modern Parish Church: the politics of inclusion and exclusion. “To Take theire plases where they shall not offend others”’.
  • Helen Gair, Nottingham Trent University, ‘Sociability and the Church Court: The Disciplining of Social Behaviour in Early Modern Scotland, c. 1560-1600’.

Panel 3: The elite and sociability.

  • Tom Rose, University of Nottingham, ‘“Itt gave mee opertunitys of good fellowship when wee mett sportive neybours in the field”: Hunting and the politics of inclusion and exclusion in early Stuart England.’
  • Elisabeth Rébeillé-Borgella, University of Edinburgh, ‘Define oneself through the sociability: the journey of Esmé Stuart, an opportunist courtier’.

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