The Sacral and the Secular: Early Medieval Political Theology

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Date / time: 28 June, All day

Churchill College

The Sacral and the Secular: Early Medieval Political Theology

Ever since Ernst Kantorowicz popularised the term ‘political theology’ in the 1950s, scholars have known that the political and religious thought of the early Middle Ages cannot be separated. But since the 1990s there has been a resurgence of interest in this field. The traditional focus simply on sacral kingship has been replaced by an awareness of the early Middle Ages as a world of debate and contestation where a wide variety of political theologies existed.

This one-day conference will explore the latest thinking on early medieval political theology, with particular attention to the idea of the secular during the period. As confidence in the progressive secularization of the contemporary world has faltered in the past generation, now seems an appropriate time to explore how concepts of the secular and de-secularization can shed light on the early Middle Ages.

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Conference generously supported by Churchill College and the G.M. Trevelyan Fund of the Faculty of History, Cambridge.