New Work in Early Modern Intellectual History

Date / time: 20 July - 24 July, 2:00 pm

New Work in Early Modern Intellectual History

New Work in Early Modern Intellectual History, 20 and 24 July 2020.

A virtual workshop. Speakers include  Richard Calis (Cambridge), Karen Hollewand (Utrecht), Madeline McMahon (Princeton), Hannah Marcus (Harvard), Melissa Reynolds (Princeton), Timothy Twining (Cambridge), Floris Verhaart (QUB).

Organizers: Kirsten Macfarlane (Oxford) and Felix Waldmann (Cambridge).

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20 JULY 2020

PANEL 1. Italy from Renaissance to Counter-Reformation


  • Hannah Marcus (Harvard): “Defining Old Age in the Renaissance: The View from Ulisse Aldrovandi’s Pandechion Epistemonicon”.
  • Madeline McMahon (Princeton): “Rethinking Public Prayer in Counter-Reformation Italy”.

PANEL 2. Sex and Freedom in the Dutch Republic


  • Karen Hollewand (Utrecht): “Sex and Science in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic”.
  • Floris Verhaart (QUB): “Latin, Liberty, and Toleration: Pieter Burman the Younger’s Circle,Religious Freedom, and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen”.


PANEL 3. Scholarship and Scripture


  • Timothy Twining (Cambridge): “After the Sixto-Clementine Vulgate (1592): Censorship and the Polyglot Bible in Catholic Europe, c.1600-1645”.
  • Richard Calis (Cambridge): “Confessionalization and Scholarship in the Early ModernLevant: the case of the 1638 Geneva New Testament”.

PANEL 4. Text, Image, Binding: The History of the Book


  • Melissa Reynolds (Princeton): “Prognostications Past and Present: Leonard Digges, Print for Profit, and the Passage of Time in Early Modern England”.
  • Kirsten Macfarlane (Oxford): “An English Hebraist, An Ottoman ‘Rabbi’, and the Unlikely Story of the First Hebrew Books Printed in Amsterdam (1605-1606)”.17:45-18:45
  • Felix Waldmann (Cambridge): “Giambattista Vico, Eugene of Savoy, and Hugo Grotius’s De Iure Belli ac Pacis, 1719”.

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