Modern European History Workshop, Faculty of History, Cambridge, 2014-2015

Modern European History Workshop, Faculty of History, Cambridge, 2014-2015


10 October - 30 June    
All day


Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Faculty of History, Cambirdge

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The Modern European History Workshop meets every Wednesday at 6pm and is a friendly forum for postgraduate students to present research on any aspect of Modern European History. Presenting at the workshop is a good opportunity to get feedback from peers as well as to meet more modern Europeanists across institutions and help to build a stronger community. Papers are usually 30 minutes in length and are followed by an informal discussion and drinks.Our definition of “Modern European” is a broad one. We are open to almost every theme including but not  limited to the political, cultural, economic, intellectual, social and military history of modern Europe from the 1700s to the present. Themes which focus on methodological issues, comparative or transnational histories are also invited. During the past academic year the workshop has hosted talks ranging from the history of champagne,  to discourses of fascist Italian Jews, to a panel discussion on ‘Central Europe and the lure of Asia’. This year, we are particularly interested in research which places Modern European History in a global context, whether that be through study of colonialism, trade, war, international law or any other subject area.If you are interested in presenting, please submit a proposal of 200 words along with your name, institution, faculty and year of study to Emma Pauncefort ( Musso (Cambridge, History – Oil politics in Algerian decolonisation, 1956-1971) Emma Pauncefort (UCL, French department – French travel writing on England 1688-
1734) Michael Rogers (Cambridge, History – German and Austrian philosophy and political
thought 1914-45) Viktor Stoll (Cambridge, History – Colonialism and Anthropology in the Anglo-German Pacific,1919-1939).