Making Europe: Columbanus and his Legacy

Making Europe: Columbanus and his Legacy


22 May - 24 May    
All day


Bangor Abbey
Abbey Street, Bangor, County Down

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2015 is the fourteenth centenary of St Columbanus, the great Irish monk and peregrinus who left Bangor (in Northern Ireland) c.591 to cross to the Continent where he founded monasteries at Annegray, Luxeuil, and Fontaines in modern-day France, and Bobbio in Italy, where he died in 615.

A series of interlinked conferences has been arranged to take place at Bangor (22-24 May), focusing on the theme of identity; at Luxeuil-les-Bains (16-20 September), focusing on the impact of Columbanus on continental monasticism; and at Bobbio (21 -22 November), focusing on his cult and ‘afterlife’.

The draft programme for the Bangor conference can be viewed at Columbanus’ Life & Legacy / Research from the Moore Institute NUI Galway   and booking is now available