Legal Histories, Local Histories – CALL FOR PAPERS

Date / time: 12 October, 12:00 am

Legal Histories, Local Histories - CALL FOR PAPERS


A free, online conference hosted by the Open University’s legal histories research cluster

Call for Papers, deadline – 12 October 2023

Legal history is inextricably entwined with its localities – including through jurisdictions, subject matter, and places of trial and punishment. Local and social historians, like legal historians, draw upon legal source material. This conference brings them into conversation with each other and explores the benefits of their different approaches and perspectives.

What can local history tell us about legal history? How does legal history reveal more about local history? And how do they complicate each other, bringing to light hidden and marginalised pasts? Themes may include but are not limited to:

  • Legal sources in local history
  • Legal architecture in the local landscape
  • Marginalised histories in local and legal history
  • The local history of a legal case or statute
  • Local commemorations of legal events
  • Methods and methodologies for local/legal history

We invite proposals for:

15-minute papers; or
15-minute presentations in alternative formats such as virtual tours.

We particularly welcome those which address the central theme of diversity, dilemmas and discoveries.

Abstracts (not exceeding 300 words) should be submitted by email to by Thursday 12 October.