Labour in History & Economics

Labour in History & Economics


15 April - 16 April    
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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The Oxford Conference on Labour in History & Economics will be an interdisciplinary meeting of labour historians, economic historians, and labour economists focused on discussions of migration, labour markets, and the work environment. Recent developments in all three disciplines have brought issues of work and labour to the forefront of scholarship. The empirical turn in economics has led to new research related to labour and work including the use of historical case studies. At the same time, the high-wage economy interpretation of the Industrial Revolution has put workers and wages at the forefront of economic history, and historians of capitalism have advanced the importance of labour repression, especially slavery, as a cause of modern economic growth. This conference will bring together scholars from these disciplines to share research, perspectives, and methodologies. We will also provide a platform for research that will stimulate public engagement on contemporary debates about migration and the impacts of technology on jobs.

Additional information is available on the conference website:

Location: All Souls College, Oxford