IMC Leeds 2024: Espionage and Intelligence in the Middle Ages – CALL FOR PAPERS

Date / time: 10 September, 12:00 am

IMC Leeds 2024: Espionage and Intelligence in the Middle Ages - CALL FOR PAPERS


Espionage and Intelligence in the Middle Ages Leeds IMC 2024: Call for Papers

Spying is one of the more fundamental activities by which political entities obtain and maintain their positions in times of peace, and especially during periods of crisis. Gathering, creating, exploiting, and protecting intelligence and information enables leaders seek to reduce risks to mitigate threats, to influence others, and to create and ude opportunities to win and preserve what they see as their interests. We seek proposals for a strand of papers to be proposed to the 2024 Leeds International Medieval Congress on the topic of espionage and intelligence in the Middle Ages. We encourage papers that discuss espionage both within and beyond Europe.

Accepted papers may be considered for inclusion in a future edited collection of essays.

Topics may include:

  • Selection and identity of spies
  • Role of women, children, minorities
  • Means of intelligence gathering
  • Codes, ciphers and secret signs
  • Counterintelligence measures
  • Case studies for comparative examples
  • Espionage and crisis
  • Consequences of discovery
  • Documentary traces of espionage

Submissions: 200 word abstract to by 10 September 2023

Organisers: Dr Jenny Benham (Cardiff University) and Dr Kathleen Neal (Monash University)

Call for papers, deadline – 10 September 2023

Contact: Kathleen Neal (


Image: British Library, Royal 10 E IV, f. 252r.