IMARS Seminar 2014-15

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Date / time: 24 October, 12:00 am

UCL History Department G09/10

IMARS Seminar 2014-15

We are delighted to announce the first UCL IMARS Seminar of 2014-15 and the programme for the coming year. The opening seminar will be:

Monday 20 October 2014: Dr Matthew Beaumont (UCL) ‘Idle Wandering Persons: Nightwalkers in Renaissance London’

As usual the seminar begins at 6.15pm in room G09/10 of the UCL History Department and is followed by a wine reception.

The programme for the rest of the year is as follows:

Monday 17 November 2014: Dr Brenda Bolton (Kent) ‘Answering the Call of Faith? Behind the Scenes at the Fourth Lateran Council’

Monday 23 February 2015: Dr Huw Grange (Cambridge) ‘Mapping the Prose Tristan: a Cartographic Quest’

Monday 9 March 2015: Professor Carole Rawcliffe (UEA) ‘Nurturing the Urban Body: Food Standards and Health in Late Medieval English Towns’

Monday 11 May 2015: Dr Stephen Mossman (Manchester) Hatred of University Lecturers and the Inspired Word in the Fourteenth Century’

Monday 1 June 2015: Dr Cornelia Linde (GHI) ‘Arguing with Lollards. Thomas Palmer, OP, and De translatione sacrae scripturae in linguam barbaricam

The programme will soon be online at: