‘Imagined Futures of Sail and Steam’, 2022 Peter N Davies Seminar (Hybrid Event)

Date / time: 2 November, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

This year’s seminar in honour of Peter N Davies, his contribution to maritime history and support of emerging scholars in the discipline, will be presented by Morten Tinning, PhD Candidate, Copenhagen Business School.


This presentation explores how a Danish maritime community shaped entrepreneurial activity through the process of envisioning competing imagined futures. It does so through a public debate about the transition from sail to steam in 1899. In the debate, local actors evaluated and negotiated expectations for the future as embedded in existing norms, interpretations of the past, and socio-technical systems. The presentation gives an in-depth view of a traditional maritime community struggling to navigate the transition from sail to steam and the potential role of community in constructing and disputing over imagined business futures.

Event location

Online, via Eventbrite Registration, or in person:

Room 106, John Foster Building,
Liverpool John Moores University
80-98 Mount Pleasant Liverpool
United Kingdom

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